Hi, my name is Gary Dahse, the founder of THE DAHSE DIFFERENCE. This program was created to properly prepare young professionals for the real world. Our goal is to prepare young adults for the realities of the work place and to develop individuals with passion for what they attempt in life. From the scheduling of the programs, to the choice of speakers, everything about The Dahse Difference is designed to address “Cognitive Blindness (Do You Know What You Don't Know?) . Our experience and understanding of students' needs enables us to tailor our program to suit each individual and thereby help them unearth their UNIQUE ABILITY so that they can live their lives with passion and phenomenal success!



As a parent of two college graduates, I realize the tremendous value of obtaining a degree from a college or university. In the broadest sense I believe it is well worth the investment. The college experience gives the student a good liberal education on how to deal with and interact with other people from other cultures and helps open horizons to new and different experiences that enrich lives. A college education is designed to teach an individual the technical skills of a chosen profession and most colleges do an exceptional job of preparing the dedicated student for the future requirements of their chosen profession. Learning “Street Smarts” is the next great challenge once you finish your technical training. Most of these skills are learned once the student leaves the classroom and it can take years to master these skills through trial and error. There are limited avenues for the young achiever to gain these skills. The Dahse Difference was designed to teach students valuable life skills that are outside the purview of most institutions of higher learning. We teach life skills including basic selling techniques and the finer points of landing a Great Job! Very few seminars, if any, teach more than one or two life skills at a time. Our program is all inclusive. Everything from goal setting, networking, strategic planning, interviewing skills and how to be well balanced in all seven (7) areas of one’s life is included in The Dahse Difference. Our seminar is presented by some of the most accomplished speakers and trainers in the country, covering fourteen (14) “must have “knowledge modules in order to be successful. Our training focuses on high impact learning techniques that get results.