#1   Learn two (2) little known Secrets of Successful Goal Setting that will give you a guaranteed way to accomplish your goals. Our technique teaches you a fail safe “system” that has a highly successful process that works!

#2  Learn the Art of Networking and sixteen (16) techniques that will give you an advantage when you enter a room full of potential clients or potential future employers and how to work this crowd to the maximum.

#3 Learn one of the Top Personality Assessment Tools available on the open market with a Value in excess of the price of this seminar.

#4  Learn what makes Entrepreneurs tick? Find out their motto, their work habits, their personality traits and how they think, act and react. This is a learned skill and we will teach you the secrets of highly successful secular, social and spiritual entrepreneurs.

#5    Learn the ten (10) hardest questions asked by most Professional Interviewers and the best answers to the ten (10) questions that will insure you get asked back for a second or third interview every time.

#6    Learn how to find and acquire numerous Mentors who can help you grow your career to phenomenal heights in the shortest amount of time.

#7   Learn how to dress for success to gain power, make a positive impression and land the high powered High Paying Job.

#8  Learn the power of being a Successful Public Speaker and five (5) powerful speaking techniques that will gain you power and prestige.

#9    Learn how to discover your Unique Ability and what it can do for your career.

#10  Learn the Secrets of Body Language and how to use them to your benefit to win any negotiation or land any job.

#11 Learn twenty four (24) ways to gain POWER and over twenty-five (25) powerful techniques we call THE BASICS.

#12  Learn how to hire a Personal Coach to guide your career at a reasonable price. This tool gives the student an ongoing way to challenge themselves to greatness.

#13  Learn how to write a highly motivating Strategic Plan for your life that will energize you to live an exciting and purpose driven life, full of joy, happiness, success and fulfillment with Passion in all seven (7) areas of your life.

#14  Learn how the opposite sex thinks, acts and reacts! Learn how to find the perfect mate that matches your Personality Profile to insure a long lasting relationship.

#15  Learn the Power of Positive and Negative Self Talk.

#16  Learn the secret of the Mastermind Principal and how to find the perfect members for your team.

#17  Learn the basics of Benefit Selling which is considered to be the most powerful way to sell any product or service including yourself.

#18  Learn seven (7) Negotiating Techniques that will allow you to win at any endeavor including how to negotiate your way to a higher starting salary.

#19  Learn the basics of Financial Planning, including how to become a millionaire before the age of fifty with little or no risk.

#20  Learn information about Creative Visualization and the power of the Subconscious Mind that will help you focus on getting what you want out of life, even when you are asleep.

         In keeping with The Dahse Difference mantra: Preparing for Success - With Passion, our course is designed to solve Cognitive Blindness.

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