Author of Positive and Negative Self Talk

Dr. Will received his Ph. D. with honors in Educational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma at the age of twenty-five. His post graduate work included individual counseling and working throughout all levels of local, national, and international corporations.

Career Summary
Early work by Dr. Will studying high performers led him to develop his unique brand of self-image psychology which has been instrumental in helping thousands of people change the way they look at themselves, improving their self-image and self-esteem as well as all aspects of their personal and professional lives. A noted international speaker, Dr. Will has shared his philosophy with people around the world from Australia to England, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, Africa and Central and South America. Dr. Will has also appeared as a regular guest on a local television show for two years and for five years on one of the country's top ten talk radio stations.

During his career, Dr. Will has worked with hundreds of businesses of every size, representing a wide variety of industries and the challenges these companies faced were just as varied.

Dr. Will has significantly improved customer service in many different types of businesses from banks to hotels and restaurants, private clubs and resorts, including many five star hotels and a six star cruise line as well as many other businesses that deal directly with the public.

Following the Challenger tragedy, NASA asked Dr. Will to work with their employees during this difficult time.

Dr. Will has also helped companies face the challenge of massive layoffs. Dr. Will has aided thousands of workers in this difficult situation by developing effective training programs as well as by teaching the placement and interview skills necessary for these workers to reenter the job market.

Over the years, Dr. Will has helped hundreds of businesses improve productivity and sales with his seminars on sales and personal skills. He has also developed ongoing relationships with businesses where he has shared his experience and knowledge, improving their overall operations and management, including their business and marketing strategies. The concepts of selling and marketing in a Relationship-Enhanced Environment™ are a natural extension of self-image psychology and can be applied to any business in any industry. These services are now being offered to any company that would like to develop a more effective, service-based, relationship-oriented business and marketing strategy.