Raj Bhavsar

2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist

Raj Bhavsar has lived the life of an elite level gymnast and has experienced both the trials and the joys that come along with it. At the 2008 Beijing Games, Raj fulfilled his lifelong goal of competing at the Olympics and played a significant part in helping the American squad win the bronze medal in the team competition despite their underdog status.

The journey towards his career zenith hasnít been without its share of disappointments. Competing in a sport that is constantly in a state of revision, Raj failed to make the Olympic team for the 2004 Athens Games. Initially devastated, Raj spent the next four years revamping his love for the sport and embracing it with an increased sense of purpose. The fruits of his labor are proof that the legacy of an individual is shaped by perseverance, even in the face of uncontrollable external forces.

Post-Olympics, Raj continues to challenge himself by exploring new territory in his professional life. As a public speaker, he continues to spread his inspiring story of how dedication and a positive outlook on life can help us reach our fullest potential and our loftiest dreams.

" My gymnastics career can be described as nothing short of arduous. In the 24 years I have been involved in the sport, I have seen my share of success and failure. My successes told me I was on the right track and my failures inspired me to examine myself and constantly strive for self-improvement. I discovered that the results of my competitive life were a direct reflection of the choices I made in my personal one. If thereís one thing Iíve learned, itís that ultimately, I am in control of my own destiny, and like failure, success is in my own hands and will always be my choice. "
- Raj Bhavsar

Career Highlights:

  • 2008 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Member - Bronze Medal
  • 2004 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Alternate
  • 2003 U.S. World Championship Team Member - Silver Medal
  • 2001 U.S. World Championship Team Member - Silver Medal
  • 2002 NCAA All-Around Champion
  • 1998-2008 U.S. Senior National Team Member